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The · Chronicles · of · Scarlet · Carsen

thoughts and whispers

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I never thought I’d smoke a cigarette in bed
Until I met you
But these things are electric
So if you're offering then that’s what all do

please don’t run away with my heart
if we were in a race
you would surely win
I have a limp
and everywhere I go
I pull a ship wreck
not ready for disposal
not yet

Sounds like we have both been dragging
Ankers that use to serve a purpose
you're rebuilding castles
while I’m trying to re paint the fallen sky

Like a beautifully carved statue
I can’t easily look away
I want you part of my gallery
Even if you disappear or crumble away

If what I’m feeling
Is fleeting
I’ll find away
To trap it in a bottle
So it may float in the ocean
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indifferent indifferent
Current Music:
Gotye - Save Me
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