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The · Chronicles · of · Scarlet · Carsen

Summer Vacation Plans

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Sh*t I want to do this summer/year:
*Actually take the week off for my birthday (my old boss always took time off in August...so taking time off around my birthday was never a good idea.)
*Go to the damn beach!
*Leave the country

I'll be able to do all these things in one month!
Aug 17th I bought tickets to see Jim breuer, one of my top Fav comics.
Then Aug 18th-19th I'm going to the beach!
I was able to book a two night stay in York beach Maine (ok price wise/best price all find booking something so late in the season for a motel room.) York beach and Hampton are the most commonly known beaches I have visited during my childhood. My fondest memories is When me and my best friend at the time went with her family to York beach for the day. We played at the arcade, perused the shops, we almost got swept out to sea due to the strong rip tides. We did it during the last weekend of summer before school. We never had a chance to go together ever again after that. The last time I spent a night in York beach was at a B&B with my mom a few years ago, which was really relaxing.

I took the 20th-27th off from work. I'm probably going to do a late dinner for my actual birthday day at An Tua Nua Monday and then ceremony, maybe attic and then IHOP! My clubby Monday night friends may actually get a chance to meet my B/f if they haven't already as he took the week off as well. :D
We should be well recovered from that till Thursday as our real adventure begins! I've never left the country, but I own a passport now and look forward to hitting up Canada.

I found a hotel ( Le Nouvel Hotel and Spa) It's considered in downtown Montreal that is in my price range, has off street parking if we need it and has a spa. I figured it be nice to get a massage or jump in the whirl pool if we have the time for it. The hotel has mix reviews because it's outdated. We will just wing it, as long as there are no bed bugs and it doesn't smell that bad in terms of cigarette smoke, I'll be fine with it. It's just a place to crash for the night.
I really don't know what to expect and if anybody wants to comment of what I should check out in the city, please do! I'll probably hit up one of the gothy/80's/industrial club nights if there are any down there.
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