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Spring is here

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And I've bagged up so much craft stuff for my Spring Fling Craft Swap thing happening May 4th 2pm-5pm and then anything still left, I'll try to get rid of it at a garage sale or all donate it.
The craft room is more open after the clean out. Soon I'll be able to work on my bigger projects in there. At the moment I've fallen back into water color painting, which is awesome.
It's as if the warmer weather has awaken my Muse once more. :)
I hope to use the Italian boy I've been dating as a figure drawing model for a body of work/call for artist, deadline is mid next month. I'll also help him and his family paint his room this Sunday.
Bills this month are going to suck me dry but I plan to attend Boston Comic con for the first time this year.
I did my first walk for an organization that helps rape victims, the BARCC. I was able to raise $115 dollars.

Spring Cocktail:
1 or 2 Shots of Bols Genever gin
splash or teaspoon of sweet vermouth
1/2 teaspoon of St. Germain
Fresh muddled/chopped up basil
Place ingredients with a few ice cubes in shaker, shake very well and serve drink in a chilled martini glass. Enjoy! :)
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